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Communicating With JEI

JEI handles over 400 submissions annually. Therefore it is important for prospective and current authors to know the best way to communicate with us to ensure any questions or concerns are answered.

We know many students authors will be working in this more professional setting for the first time, so here are a couple important items to keep in mind for any communication with JEI:

  1. Always try to write your email in a formal/professional tone.
    1. While we will answer all emails that are sent to us, this is a great time to practice formal written communication for students!
  2. Be clear about your question(s).
    1. One of the biggest issues we see in communication from authors is that we are unable to identify the specific question(s) they want answered. Make sure you provide us with enough information to help you out, but also be careful about providing too much extraneous information that we cannot determine what your question is.