Goggles On! with JEI

Goggles On! with JEI is from the Journal of Emerging Investigators with host Scott Soldat-Valenzuela, Executive Director. We dive into science and STEM conversations with young scientists, experienced professionals and, frankly, anyone who contributes to the development of scientists in the United States.

Interview with Dr. Kathleen Morrow and student Harrish Ganesh

May 15, 2022

Becoming a high school science teachers was not originally in Dr. Morrow's career plan but after years of becoming an expert in microbiology she is loving her role in helping students develop a science identity and explore the world of STEM. Joining her on the Googles On! with JEI podcast is student and JEI published author, Harrish Ganesh also of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. This episode explores the fascinating perspective from a teacher and student.

Interview with Dr. Fankhauser

March 31, 2022

The Goggles On! with JEI podcast kick-off with our founder, Dr. Sarah Fankhauser. Hosted by Scott Soldat-Valenzuela, Executive Director. This edition features are a discussion about why JEI came into existence and how the Journal of Emerging Investigators has thrived in it's mission to serve young scientists.