Submission Guide

Why Publish with JEI?

Through the scientific review process, JEI connects middle-school and high-school students with PhD candidates and advanced investigators who work in university research laboratories. By publishing with JEI, student-authors will learn the scientific method, practice communicating their science, and be recognized as young emerging scientists.

These pages will guide you through the entire process, from initial submission all the way to publication. Take some time to review all of the steps before submitting, and feel free to come back throughout the process as you move through the different stages.

Requirements For JEI Submissions

In order for your submission to pass pre-review and enter the scientific review process, it must meet the following requirements:

Meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance of your manuscript. Utilizing the information contained in the submission guide below while preparing your submission will help streamline the review process in avoiding commonly made mistakes.

Before You Start Your Experiment

Writing Your Manuscript

Submission and Review

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