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Looking for a way to give back through science education, all while furthering your professional development as a scientist?

JEI was established by graduate students at Harvard University to reinvest in the next generation of researchers, both teaching skills in professional academic writing and lowering barriers to publication of student research. Since then, JEI has spread to over 30 research universities worldwide, with a volunteer staff of 180 PhD candidates and serving between 300-500 secondary students each year.

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We think JEI is unique because we remain managed entirely by volunteer graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the sciences. And we’re always looking for motivated and passionate graduate students to serve as new editors, peer reviewers, and management staff.

If you're a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow interested in helping develop the next generation of scientists, please consider applying for one of the positions below.  Contact us with inquiries at [email protected].

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Editorial Branch Positions

  • Learn how scientific publishing works first-hand by joining our editorial staff
  • Support young scientists in their first ever publication - JEI has published > 300 manuscripts, with 70 in 2020 so far
  • Master Editorial Manager, the platform many scientific publishers use to organize manuscript submissions
  • Access exclusive seminar series and networking opportunities with leading scientific journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine
  • Hone leadership skills with the flexibility to design projects and initiatives you are passionate about
  • Join a community of ~300 like-minded PhD students, Post-Docs, and JEI alumni passionate about outreach and scientific communication

Associate Editors are responsible for the Scientific Review phase of the Editorial process. They recruit peer reviewers from the JEI staff according to expertise, and compile the results from review into a single document. They also write the Editor’s Letter, which indicates changes that need to be addressed by student authors before publication with JEI. Finally, they evaluate the peer reviewers that provided feedback. Associate Editors are expected to review at least 3 manuscripts per year, and each review must be completed within 6-8 weeks. Reviews should be positive and encouraging to student authors, understanding that many authors have limited access to experimental spaces or are inexperienced with science writing. We want the reviews and letters to be easy to understand so that students can learn and grow as scientists and communicators. Most importantly, we want all parties to have fun in a supportive space!

Copy Editors assess the grammar, style, and formatting of a manuscript before publication, ensuring that all required sections are present, that the writing is clear and coherent, and that citations are correctly styled. They also write a Copy Editor's letter, explaining the recommended changes to tone and style. Copy Editors are expected to edit at least 6 manuscripts per year, and each review must be completed within one week. Edits should be restrained, and should aim to preserve the student's voice as much as possible while altering tenses and structures to be grammatically correct. Suggestions can be made for improving clarity, and words of encouragement are always welcome!

Proofing Editors ensure that the final layout of the manuscript is readable and professional. They upload the finished article to JEI website with finalized figure placements and page styles as a PDF. Proofing Editors are expected to edit at least 6 manuscripts per year, and each review must be completed within one week. We use InDesign for all major formatting, so experience is preferred but not required. Our student authors often say that the most exciting and rewarding part of the publication process is seeing their finished article proof for the first time. For young authors, this is when their article becomes ‘real’ thanks to the hard work of the Proofing Editors!

Peer Reviewers provide scientific feedback to student authors relating to proper framing of the experimental question, use of a testable hypothesis, reasonable and controlled experiments, appropriate data analysis, and logical data interpretation. Reviewers are expected to complete their review within 2 weeks. Our student authors often cite detailed comments they receive from Reviewers as the most valuable and educational experience they have with JEI. Reviewers are the core of JEI's operations, and are essential for teaching the authors more about the process of science!

Management Positions

Director of Marketing 

  • Coordinate student-focused (B2C) and program-focused (B2B) marketing strategies
  • Manage JEI digital strategy, including social media, PPC advertising, and affiliate marketing
  • Coordinate with Director of Outreach for online content creation
  • Produce, maintain, and customize marketing materials used to recruit staff, solicit partnerships, and attract sponsors

Director of Strategy and Operations 

  • Develop and evolve mission statement, growth plans, and ongoing strategy for JEI
  • Develop a long-term strategic direction, implement sustainable processes, and drive expansion of on-site programs beyond Greater Boston area
  • Review and participate in development of non-profit and for-profit partnerships

VP of Financial Sponsorship 

  • Research potential opportunities for financial partners and grants
  • Develop and maintain sponsorship guidelines
  • Coordinate between Executive Committee and Board to determine best engagement strategy for potential sponsors
  • Coordinate with Director of Marketing to customize materials for external engagement