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Submission Checklists

For help during the submission process we have created a PDF guide as well as a video guide that walk you through how to use Editorial Manager to submit your work.

Download a fillable PDF version of these checklists here

* Required

Information that student authors should provide to the adult submitting a manuscript on their behalf

  1. Information to Consider Before Submitting
    1. The work submitted is:
      • i. Original
      • ii. Not previously published in any other journal
      • iii. Only submitted to JEI at this time for consideration (manuscripts should not be submitted to multiple journals at the same time)
    2. An adult is submitting the manuscript on behalf of the student author(s)
    3. All authors have read the manuscript and approved it in its current form
  2. Files
    1. *Manuscript File -- word doc
    2. *Figures -- .tiff/.jpg/.png
    3. Other -- Human/Animal Subject approval forms
  3. General Information
    1. *Region of Origin
    2. Classifications
      • i. *Primary (must pick at least one)
        1. 1. Biology
        2. 2. Clinical/Health Sciences
        3. 3. Environmental Science
        4. 4. Chemistry
        5. 5. Physics
        6. 6. Social Sciences
        7. 7. Mathematics
        8. 8. Engineering
      • ii. Secondary and Tertiary
  4. Additional Information
    1. *One sentence stating hypothesis of work
    2. How did you hear about JEI
    1. How did you become interested in this project?
    2. Did you find anything interesting?
    3. Was there anything difficult you weren’t expecting?
  6. Manuscript Data
    1. *Title
    2. *Abstract
    3. *Keywords
      • i. Min of 3, max of 8
    4. Authors
      • i. *Given and Last Name
      • ii. *Position (i.e. Student, teacher, parent, etc.)
      • iii. *Institution (i.e. name of school or company)
        1. 1. If the institution does not appear in the drop down list, just keep typing until you have the full name in. Only institutions we have previously received submission from will show up in the drop down list
      • iv. E-mail
        1. 1. Required for corresponding (adult) author, but if provided for students they will be cc’d on all editorial correspondence as well.
  1. Files
    1. *Cover Letter
      • i. Students should use the editor’s letter as a template.
      • ii. Respond individually to each point, especially if disagree with or did not understand the comment.
      • View an example cover letter here
    2. *Revised Manuscript File -- word doc
      • i. It is very helpful to our editorial team if you name your file with your submission and revision number (i.e. JEI-21-014_R1)
    3. *Figures -- .tiff/.jpg/.png
      • Again, naming figure files with your submission and figure number is very helpful to our proofing editors (i.e. JEI-21-014_Fig1)
    4. Other -- Human/Animal Subject approval forms (if not originally submitted)