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Review Timeline

Below is an overview of the review process and estimated timeline at JEI. Clicking on a certain step in the review process will take you to example files from a previously published manuscript at JEI.

Who Has My Manuscript?

2 Weeks

Manuscript Submission


Managing Editor

6-8 Weeks

(4-8 Weeks)

Scientific Review


Associate Editor and Reviewers

4 Weeks

Copy Editors

(4 Weeks)

Copy-Edit Revision

Managing Editor

2 Weeks

Proofing Editor

2 Weeks



Who Should I E-mail if I Have Questions?

The Managing Editor in charge of your manuscript is the best person to e-mail. You can reach them by e-mailing [email protected].

*Please include manuscript/submission number and author names in all communication to assist our editors in responding to your questions*