JEI launches new monthly speaker series; first guest Dr. Norbert Tavares


Feb 02, 2022
Our first guest of 2022 had to reschedule his previous commitment with us because he was donating a kidney. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Last fall Dr. Norbert Tavares was in the process of preparing to donate a kidney to science so he could learn more about the process and help someone in need along the way. You can read more about it in Scientist Is Donating Kidney to Raise Awareness About 'Great' Need for Diversity in Research.

The Journal of Emerging Investigators has revamped, reimagined and relaunched our speaker series with an emphasis on opening it to the public. Encouraging young scientists, educators, working professionals and really anyone else who is interested in our featured speakers is welcome to join.

Attracting a larger audience and raising awareness about careers in science, STEM and the myriad of related fields in which we publish middle and high school articles, is our focus for the new JEI Speaker Series.

Gifting a kidney is not a requirement but interesting people doing innovative work is definitely on our radar. Finding those who inspire others, create opportunities for the next generation and cultivate experiences for the greater science community are important to us at JEI.

Register here to listen to Dr. Tavarres on February 23 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.