OLED Screens Better Exhibit the Color Black than LCD Screens

(1) Holliston High School, Holliston, Massachusetts

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We performed an experiment to determine the amount of light emitted from screens in order to assess the ability of organic light emitting diode screens (OLED) and liquid crystal display (LCD) screens to display the color black. These two competing screen types dominate the digital market, and the capability to exhibit black is one of many factors that should be considered when determining the better of the options. The better a screen can show black, the stronger the contrast of the screen appears to be. The mechanisms that create light within each suggest that OLED screens should be able to show the color black, while LCD screens may not. Therefore, we hypothesized that the light emitted from the LCD screen in this state would be significantly greater than in the OLED. We conducted thirty trials in an environment that eliminated all external light, allowing an accurate recording of emitted light. The results mostly supported our hypothesis: there was a significant increase in light emitted in the LCD screen compared to the OLED when both displayed identical black images at full brightness, though at minimum brightness the LCD performed with negligible difference than OLED.

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