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Manuscript Content

What content is appropriate for JEI?

  • Students must present a clearly-stated scientific question (to which they do not know the answer)
  • Students must perform controlled experiments to answer this question
  • All experimental data not cited MUST have been experimentally obtained by the student

What content is not appropriate for JEI?

  • Scientific review of a topic
  • Description of an original invention
  • Ideation of a project
  • Inclusion of data that is already published in any other academic journal

Emphasis on Addressing a Scientific Question

JEI editors recognize that students have access to different types of scientific equipment. Therefore, we focus on students’ ability to present and successfully address an interesting scientific question, NOT the sophistication of the techniques. We encourage all students to enjoy the thrill of scientific inquiry

JEI also recognizes that it is difficult to propose a novel scientific question that has not been addressed previously, given the depth and complexity of scientific research. While originality is preferred, it is not necessary that the scientific question/conclusions be truly original.

Engineering-related Projects

If your project is engineering-related or involves an invention, you should generate a hypothesis regarding that invention’s function and test the function with a rigorously designed experiment. If your work has been already published or is in preparation for publication in another journal, it is not appropriate for JEI.

Vertebrate Animal / Human-Subjects Research

If your project involves vertebrate animals or human subjects, please review additional research requirements and forms that must be obtained before you begin your study.