Any statement of fact that is not common knowledge must be cited properly. Failure to properly cite sources will be considered plagiarism and manuscripts will be sent back to the authors. In extreme cases, manuscripts may be rejected. In extreme cases, manuscripts may be rejected. Please review our Academic Honesty page for information on plagiarism and properly citing sources. Citation guidelines for sources you reference are provided below.

What kinds of sources make good references for scientific writing? Some useful resources on finding useful sources can be found here.

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Textbooks
  • Official websites with “.gov” or “.org” web addresses
  • Science magazines/news articles
  • Encyclopedias

Try to avoid using these kinds of sources, if possible:

  • Wikipedia (and other sites where anyone can edit the information)
  • Blogs and social media posts (unless this kind of medium is important to your study)