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Decision Terms

Below we provide an overview of the decision terms used for manuscripts at JEI as well as how you are able to cite a manuscript at different stages of the review process on applications or resumes (as a reminder we do not fast track manuscripts at JEI).


During pre-review a manuscript is either sent back to the author so edits that will ultimately help the review process can be made or sent off for scientific review. A manuscript that is in the pre-review stage is considered “submitted”.

Scientific Review

You will receive an email notification when your manuscript is sent for scientific review. After scientific review there are three decisions that can be made for your manuscript:

  1. Accept, pending presentation changes
  2. Accept, pending scientific and presentation changes
  3. Reject

Keep in mind that manuscripts at JEI are not fully accepted until the presentation and, if applicable, the scientific changes have been satisfactorily made. A decision of accept also does not mean that no further edits are needed on the manuscript - edits are made on manuscripts by both authors and editors until the final PDF is posted.

JEI rarely rejects manuscripts and primarily only does so in cases where there is significant plagiarism throughout the manuscript or when proper approval was not obtained to conduct the research. This is usually determined during the pre-review stage. We really strive to work with all authors to get their manuscript published whenever possible.

A manuscript that is under scientific review is considered “under review” and once it is sent back to the authors to make revisions it is considered “in revision”.

Copy Editing

As with scientific review, you will get an email from our editors letting you know that your manuscript was accepted for copy editing. Once copy editing has been completed your manuscript will be considered “accepted, pending copy edit revisions.”

This means that while your manuscript is in copy editing it is considered “accepted”.


Once copy editing has been completed, your manuscript will be sent to a Proofing Editor who will make the final typeset PDF of your manuscript for publication. You will again be notified when your manuscript enters this stage of the process.

While the PDF of your manuscript is being made, your manuscript is considered “in press” and once it has been published on our website it would be considered published, which does not need any additional clarification on the citation you are providing.

Other Information

If you require some sort of verification of the status of manuscript for an application please contact us at submissions(at)emerginginvestigators.org (be sure to include your manuscript title and number). Typically applications will not require this type of verification, but it is best to confirm this ahead of time as we may not be able to rush a letter of verification for you.

If you are wondering how the citation of a manuscript works that is not fully published we have provided an example below:

Franklin, R. et al. “Citations of journal articles that are not yet published.” J of Emerging Investigators. Under review.