< Review Process

Review Timeline

Below is an overview of the review process and estimated timeline at JEI, including the time manuscripts typically spend with authors during revisions. Dashed arrows indicate places where a manuscript may go back and forth between the Managing Editor and Author several times before proceeding to the next step. Below the figure we have additional information about the three main steps of the review process.

These times are all approximate and will vary depending on the number of manuscripts in our system at one time. During May through September we receive our highest number of submissions and there are usually delays of 2 weeks at each stage of the review process while we work to process all submissions.

Please wait to contact us about the status of your manuscript until at least one week after the time given on this timeline or in the most recent decision email you received from the journal - whichever is longer. We do not expedite the review and publication process of any manuscript at JEI. See our Decision Terms information for how you can cite unpublished submissions on applications or resumes.

Scientific Review

After scientific review, authors will receive feedback via an Editor’s Letter. This letter will outline all of the changes being asked of the authors by the Reviewers and organize them by section of the manuscript as well as if they are considered required or recommended changes.

Copy Editing

During copy editing, our Copy Editors will work directly with the manuscript Word file to make line edits and leave comments on items that need to be added, moved, or fixed throughout the manuscript. You will receive a Word file with these track changes to review and further revise.


Once your manuscript is sent to publication, a Proofing Editor will work to make the final PDF of your manuscript with the formatting like you see with all of our published manuscripts online. During this process you will get to review the PDF before it is posted to provide any last minute changes that are needed. Please keep in mind that this is not another opportunity to copy edit your manuscript. Long lists of changes will be reviewed, and only changes that are strictly necessary for scientific and grammatical correctness will be allowed. Changes regarding phrasing and word choice that do not change the overall meaning will not be accepted.