Analysis of the Exoplanet HD 189733b to Confirm its Existence

(1) Harmony School of Endeavor, Austin, Texas
Cover photo for Analysis of the Exoplanet HD 189733b to Confirm its Existence

In this study, we examined the orbital periods, photometry, and radial velocity of one exoplanet in the HD star system: 189733 b. We constructed a high caliber exoplanet transit detection tracker that acts as a means to analyze the data constituted of the Raw Science images that we obtained from a DSLR camera. We used the BATMAN Python programming package to convert our data to light curves and a radial-velocity model. The radial velocity data was taken from multiple high precision research studies, which were then converted to a sinusoidal graph portraying the radial velocity with respect to time. Chi-square tests were performed on the data in order to examine the likelihood that observation was due to mere chance. We hypothesized that the creation of a DSLR camera star tracker would produce results that support previously established studies. The results of our studies were statistically significant and supported our hypothesis and previous studies. This study demonstrates the importance of accurately using the radial velocity and photometry data from high-precision research studies.

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