New $35 Submission Fee starts on Feb 19, 2024


Feb 02, 2024
After nearly a year of discussions within the Journal of Emerging Investigators, the staff and boad have made the decision to implement a $35 per manuscript fee. This will be paid prior to submission and is part of a larger strategy to offset  increasing costs of managing over 500 student manuscripts per year. Students who cannot pay the fee will be allowed to request a waiver.

The Journal of Emerging Investigators has operated for free to middle and high school students since 2012. In 2019 the Journal implemented Editorial Manager to allow volunteer staff to more effectively manage the large number of submissions each year. Editorial Manager charges annual and monthly fees to the Journal which include a per submission fee.

JEI accepts over 500 student manuscript submissions each year. However, about 200 of the manuscripts are authored by students who stay engaged in the peer review and publishing process. For students who decide not to continue, the Journal still incurs a submission management fee and uses time from our staff to begin the peer review process. 

"We hope our new submission fee will encourage students to pause, review our submission guidelines, seek the assistance of their mentor, and commit to the peer review and publishing process" remarked the organization's Executive Director, Scott Soldat-Valenzuela. 

There is educational value in understanding how a peer review is conducted and how to publish their scientific article for others to read. For the Journal, the intent is to guide students through the entire process, not start the process and have the student leave before publishing.

JEI still wishes to encourage students in middle and high school to submit their manuscripts. For students who are not able to pay the submission fee, a simple waiver request form will be available.