The most efficient position of magnets

(1) Chadwick International, (2) Real Estate, Konkuk University
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People mount materials ranging from paper to wedding photo frames, including school notices to the refrigerators every day at home. The position of the mounts used is essential for both safety and durability. We investigated the most efficient way of positioning magnets that would hold the most pieces of paper on the surface of a refrigerator. We estimated our model coefficients using a regression model with the help of an artificial neural network and decision tree and focused specially on the feature importance measure. We found that when the four magnets are placed in symmetry while the rectangle formed (by drawing a line between the four magnets so that the four magnets become the vertices of the rectangle) contained the center of gravity of the papers, the magnets held more paper. The most efficient points of four magnets predicted in our analysis are in between the center of gravity of the papers and four centers of gravities of four quadrants of a paper. Our study not only considers conditions of efficiency, but also safety, aesthetics, and facility of comprehension. Our findings provide insight into magnet efficiency as resources are scarce, safe for applications, aesthetically pleasing, and easy for individuals to comprehend.

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