Student Showcase

Ethan Savage

My collaboration with the JEI was a wonderful learning experience. I got to learn how to write a paper properly and with their help have my work published. I was also taught how to persevere through the long year it took to perfect my article. This experience was a great way to get prepared for a life pursuing science and I hope that more people can have this opportunity as well.

Ethan Savage

When he was in 8th grade, Ethan Savage wondered if he could observe the effects of climate change by analyzing historical temperature data in Rochester and Seattle. His analysis suggested that warming trends over the past century can be observed in both cities, fitting the predictions of climate change forecasts.

Now a freshman at Burger Junior High School, Ethan published his article, titled 'Increasing Average Yearly Temperature in Two U.S. Cities Shows Evidence for Climate Change', on September 20th, 2018. Ethan is pictured here with his science teacher, Keith Butler.

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