MiniPhD program 2022 class announced


May 31, 2022
The Journal of Emerging Investigators is proud to announce MiniPhD program class for the summer of 2022.

Following in the footsteps of students beginning in 2020, the latest group of young scientists will spend eight weeks this summer working on experiments, learning more about the scientific process and honing their analytical science skills.

This virtual cohort will work closely with graduate and post-doctoral student volunteers who will lead students through the process of discover, scientific investigation and sharing their work all through video calls from their own homes.

Selected students range from across the United States. The capstone experience for students writing about their work and submitting it for the Journal's peer review, editing and publication process. 

By learning how to generate a hypothesis, design an experiment, and collect and analyze data, students learn to search for the answers to the questions and help their community overcome its greatest challenges. 

Equally important, however, is the skill of communicating their findings to others. Sharing their experimental results not only provides answers to people who may have the same question in the future.

Created over ten years ago by founding board member, Dr. Sarah Fankhauser, the Journal of Emerging Investigators, currently accepts over 500 student manuscripts each year and publishes over 150 submissions.