Ask-A-Scientist office hours are now available for online counseling sessions

We’re excited to announce a new block of Ask-A-Scientist office hours! Saturday - Sunday, December 9 - 10.

This means that students can speak to a JEI scientist directly through video call to ask questions about anything from experimental design to data analysis, figure generation/organization, scientific writing, and publication with JEI.

Where to sign up? Students interested in signing up for a 30-minute session can visit our Google Calendar here.

How to claim a slot?

  1. Scroll to the time slot you'd like to sign up for.
  2. Insert your name and email in the name of the event, and
  3. Click "SAVE"

A Google Meet link for your session will be automatically generated, and that slot will no longer be available for others to use. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU NOTE YOUR TIME SLOT.

If you need to cancel, please do that ASAP, so the slot becomes available to others.

Who to contact if I have questions? If you have questions about signing up, please email [email protected] at least 48 hours before the session.