Scientific project in physics "Carbonated liquids and carbonation level"

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Carbonated soft drinks are widely used by people in everyday life to quench thirst and for medicinal purposes. Such drinks have a positive effect on digestion and swallowing. The problem of swallowing activation by carbonated beverages has previously been investigated. However, this past study did not address the important issue of stability of a carbonated beverage in an open vessel. Although it is obvious that the degree of carbonated beverage will change over time and at different temperatures in an open vessel. In our work we attempted to fill this gap in the research and followed the formation of gas bubbles on the surface of the vessel walls in different carbonated liquids, over different time intervals, at different temperatures and in vessels made of different materials. Our results made it possible to identify patterns affecting the process of formation and disappearance of carbon dioxide bubbles. Visual determination of the degree of carbonation of a beverage in an open vessel over time will allow more effective use of carbonated beverages to address swallowing in patients with this condition.

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