Phytochemical analysis of Annona Reticulata extract and an in-vitro study on its anti-proliferative effects

(1) The International School Bangalore, NAFL Valley, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, KA, India, 562125, (2) iCREST-International Stem Cell Services Limited, 9/1, Mission Road, Bangalore
Cover photo for Phytochemical analysis of <em>Annona Reticulata</em> extract and an <em>in-vitro</em> study on its anti-proliferative effects

Annona Reticulata (Ramphal or custard apple) has been a plant of interest in the traditional medicinal system for the prevention and treatment of various inflammatory disease conditions, including cancer. But there has always been a requirement of continuous efforts for the efficient extraction of potential secondary metabolites that are used for treatment. This study is concerned with the anti-cancerous secondary metabolites present in the leaves of the Annona Reticulata plant (RL) and its anti-proliferative properties. Many extracts were tested on HeLa cells using a variety of solvents. The anti-proliferative effect of the combination of methanol dry extract and wet extract in acetone was observed to contain the greatest range of dissolved secondary metabolites. At concentrations over 2.5%, weight over volume, a sharp decrease in viability of below 50% for both 24 hours and 48 hour time duration. This result suggests that the leaves may have potent anti-proliferative and possibly anti-cancer properties.

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