Electromagnetic Radiation From Electronics Does Affect Plant Growth

(1) Roberto Clemente Middle School

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Global warming is becoming an increasingly prominent issue. It is commonly disputed whether electronics and the radiation they emit are harmful towards the growth of organisms. As this cannot be tested on a human, we chose plants which are a key element of Earth. To be specific, this research was conducted on basil plants. The purpose of this experiment is to find out if electromagnetic (EM) radiation from electronics affects plant growth. After experimentation, it can be concluded that EM radiation did affect basil plant growth. The plants exposed to EM radiation were taller, thinner, and a much lighter shade of green compared to the unexposed plants. With the help of this experiment, the effects of EM radiation on the growth of organisms can be seen and studied. Further study is necessary to determine if the EM radiation affected the plants on a molecular level, as well as understand how they adapt or if they die. This research can be used to determine the potential detrimental effects that electronics can have on living organisms and the environment to eventually help create a solution to reduce or eliminate this harm.

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