Antibiotic Residues Detected in Commercial Cow’s Milk

(1) Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, Columbus, Mississippi, (2) Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, Mississippi State University, Mississippi
Cover photo for Antibiotic Residues Detected in Commercial Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is an important food containing vital nutrients for both children and adults. Chemical residues and antimicrobials in milk may be a concern for consumers. In this study we tested the hypothesis that cow's milk sold for human consumption contains antibiotic residues. The general approach was to use the Delvo P Test to detect antibiotics in ten different milk samples. According to the results obtained, nine out of the ten analyzed milk samples sold commercially in Greensboro, NC contained antibiotics at five parts per billion or higher. The findings shed light onto the methods for ensuring the safety of milk. The antibiotics in the milk might pose a risk for human health because antibiotic residues might trigger antibiotic resistance in human gut bacteria.

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