Focusing Sound Waves Using a Two-Dimensional Non-Linear System

(1) Advanced STEM Research Laboratory, Odessa High School, Odessa, Washington
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Sound can be focused through a non-linear acoustic lens to produce high-energy waves capable of a variety of applications, such as eradicating cancer cells. Our previous research focused sound using a primitive system incapable of precise and predictable targeting. We engineered and assembled an improved device for focusing longitudinal waves that consisted of a non-linear acoustic lens, a release system, and a microphone recording array for data collection. During experimental trials the non-linear acoustic lens had a force applied to each of the 11 chains depending on the chain number from the desired focal point. Central trials focused sound waves to a calculated focal point to the center of the lens, while right side trials focused sound waves to the right side of the lens. The relative sound amplitude was recorded using a microphone array, analyzed, and averaged using sound analysis software. The average relative amplitudes of the control data compared to the experimental data at the predicted focal points were examined using a two-tailed t-test and were significantly different. This research was considered a success because the non-linear acoustic lens produced an evident increase in relative amplitude at a speciļ¬c focal point in both sets of experimental trials.

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